Feb 15, 2021



Principal Tsuzuki, Chancellor, Teachers, Parents and Fellow Graduates,
Since the ongoing Covid-19 crisis began, it is regrettable that most of our school events and classes have been postponed or scaled down. Nevertheless, it is a great honor to represent the class of 2020 and to deliver this speech of valediction expressing my feelings about our days at Linden Hall. We, all twelve of us, are prepared to move forward and to take on whatever challenges come next in our future.

Time has just flown by so fast but the past six years were full of amazing memories such as Sports Day, the Linden Festival, School Trips, and CAS activities. We had a chance to participate in volunteer activities that contributed to making the environment better. I realized that, by developing a spirit of collaboration and valuing our relationships with each other, we still have the chance to be part of solving those local problems that are becoming more serious today. From experiencing these activities, I have developed the goal of becoming a leader in a global society where people can live with peace of mind.

But, one thing that is important to remember is that these events were supported by our teachers, families, classmates, and others who have given us continuous support, strong inspiration and encouragement till the end. I feel their blessings with my every footstep.
However, our journey has not been a series of easy successes, we have all faced a number of problems and difficulties. Especially, the last two years of high school have been intense, since we took on the challenges of the IB and IV courses. We all had to perform our assigned tasks in a limited time and keep a balance between extracurricular activities and studies, whilst sometimes feeling mentally exhausted. However, even though the difficulties and challenges ofthe last two years were new to us, we always encouraged each other. I believe that that is why we are here now to take a new step as learners and also as adults.

From the bottom of my heart, congratulations to everyone in the class of 2020. I wish you all the very best for the future. No matter where we go or what we study, the time we have shared at Linden Hall will be of immense value to each one of us. I will remember the times that we spent here together for 12 years and believe our relationships are achievements which will last a lifetime. To the staff at Linden Hall, our parents and fellow students - for your inspiration, encouragement, support and guidance -we thank you.

第六回卒業生代表 村山 桜


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