稲刈りの季節(道徳)Rice Harvesting(Moral Education)

Sep 14, 2021

間もなく稲刈りの季節を迎えます。リンデンホールスクールの1年生は、道徳の授業の一環として、春には田植えをして、秋には稲刈りをします。キャンパス内にある田んぼで稲を育て、刈り取った稲藁は焼いて灰にし、釉薬を作り、その釉薬を使って「陶芸」の授業で茶碗を作り、その茶碗を「茶道」で使います。また、収穫後、冬には餅つきをして、地域の施設へお餅をお配りしています。これらの活動は全て道徳の授業において行われます。Grade 1 students will soon harvest rice in Moral Education lesson. In Moral Education, Grade 1 students plant rice in Spring and harvest rice in Autumn. The harvested rice straw is then burned to ash, glaze and used in pottery class. The glaze is used to make tea bowls. In the tea ceremony class, students make tea with their own tea cups and entertain the guests. In addition, the rice grown is glutinous rice, and after harvesting, a rice cake making festival is held in January and rice cakes are distributed to local facilities. These learning activities are all done during Moral Education time.


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